You can test HWMonitor Pro for a 30-day period (that delay may vary). If you are willing to continue using the program after that time, you are required to purchase a license key. Before you purchase a license, we encourage you to read the program‘s End-User License Agreement (EULA).
The license purchasing steps are as following:
1- Choose your license
License name License features Price Purchasing link
  • Unlimited usage duration.
  • One year unlimited updates (starting at the purchase date).
  • Up to 10 remote connections.
  • Unlimited usage duration.
  • Two years unlimited updates (starting at the purchase date).
  • Up to 20 remote connections.
2- Use the registration key
  • - Open the registration dialog (select Register in the main menu, then Enter Registration Key).
  • - Copy the registration code that is provided in the email that you received after the registration purchase, then paste it in the edit control of the registration dialog. Click on OK.
  • - Close HWMonitor Pro, and run it again. Your version is now registered.
For more convenience, when you enter your registration code in the registration dialog, your personal key is saved in a file named hwmpro.pvk and stored in the same directory as the application. If you delete this file, you will have to enter your registration code again.
Do not diffuse your pvk file or your registration code. They contain all information that you entered during the registration process, including your name and email address !

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